Waiting ­čśÉ

Right now we are in the process of waiting for our old location to let us get back in.

A few months back hte church occupying the property moved and the property owner was looking to sell the location. Another church is now in the process of purchasing the the property and has let me know that we might be able to move back in. Time being I am currently recording on location, office buildings and mixing and mastering from my home studio.

­čĄ×hopefully we will be back soon if we find out we can’t move back we will be looking for another location most likely in round rock.


What Echo Block Studio is all about video.

I decided to create a video to make it a bit easier for people to understand what the studio is all about and what people can expect when they come. It’s just a shot and sweet video and straight to the point.
It’s been over a year since the studio has been open and running and it’s so crazy to think of the progress that has been made. Today I was making updates to the different platforms the studio is on to get the word out and in the process I was updating some images. These images at the time were wonderful and I was very proud of them but now to see the change from then until now it’s crazy! Like I’ve said before I’m constantly working to improve the quality that’s produced here and some of that is acquiring equipment and instruments. There has been a lot of progress since those original pictures and I feel so blessed to be apart of this process.

The future looks very bright for me and running the studio. I just started a YouTube channel where on a regular basis I will be uploading videos that are studio related and me just sharing some things I’ve learned over the years of being involved in recording.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated!


1 Year in and loving it

So it’s been over a year since we opened our doors and it has been a blast. Our goal when starting the studio was to be a premier recording studio in Austin / Round Rock and I believe we are making some progress to make it to that goal.

Within our first year we have recorded rappers, spoken word, worship bands, rock and roll, metal, hardcore, edm, podcasts and a few others. It has been so enjoyable to realize have this recording studio is actually a dream come true and everyone who makes it possible you are all a huge blessing. 

Since we opened a lot has changed and like I’ve said in previous posts a percentage of every session goes towards making the studio better. Right now our equipment has been upgraded far more than what was expected when we started and I believe the sound quality has benifited from it.

There’s excitement for how awesome this next year will be and hopefully it will only be getting better and better!

We know our equipment

Throughout the whole process of recording we are relying on equipment to work in he way we need it to. Since we opened we have acquired new equipment and needed to learn the new equipment. I believe that the more you know your gear i.e.: how it works, what the knobs do, how it sounds, how it makes other things sound, etc.. The better the final product.

Sometimes it’s good to not have to worry about new equipmet and be comfortable with what you have so you know what your capable of. The way we run Echo Block Studio is one that is very progressive and we are always looking for ways to put out a better product for our clients. 

Typically a percent made from every session is put back into new equipment or new technology to help improve the over all quality of the studio. 

We know there are many studios in the Austin / Round Rock area to choose from and we want potential clients to find the best studio for there needs and wants. We also want our potential clients to know that we are constantly striving to get the absolute best final product we can. 

We strive to be the best and to be the premier studio in Austin Texas!

Award Winning Recording Studio in Round Rock Texas

Thumbtack Best Pro of 2015
A few months ago we decided to open Echo Block Studio with a vision of capturing music in a unique way producing the best possible quality. Since then we have been able to work with some amazing people and we are truly blessed that they chose Echo Block. I received an email the other day stating that we received an award for “The Best of 2015.”

What a huge honor to be presented with this award and it could not have been done without our amazing clients. We look forward to much more amazing music endeavors in the future!

A Few Months Open

So far being open for the past few months there has been some fun sessions coming through. I met some awesome people, great musicians, singers, and rappers. In the constant pursuit for better quality I decided to try out a bunch of mics on a drum to hear what sort of sounds I get. I was very pleased with what I heard and it now greatly helps when deciding on what mics to use according to what sound were going for. 

Here’s looking to the months ahead and to great sounds!


Revolution Worship


These People were an amazing bunch to work. They came down from Dallas and walked in with round rock donuts and I knew we all were going to get along great! They came in well rehearsed and even had time to add a few new finishing touches to there final arrangements.


The whole setup was for everyone to track at the same time and that special “Glue” of everyone tracking together was definitely there. They were all very skilled at what they were doing and the vocals were some of the best I’ve had the privilege to Record. We used a bit of a hybrid drum setup using a 22″ Yamaha stage custom advantage kick a 13″ and 16″ ludwig maple toms and we got some great tones! The Image above is the settings I used on the main vocal on one of the songs and I think we got some great sounds out of it so I needed to take a picture of what I used.

Be on the lookout for there music @RevolutionWorship and Full Album Very soon!