This is the capturing and creative process. I do my best to be relaxed, professional, and creative in the recording process. I take pride in capturing audio the best way possible to assure great results.

Price: $60 per hour with 2 hour minimum billed in 15 minute increments after the second hour. (Sessions require a deposit to reserve time.)

Mixing & Editing

This is after all of the audio is captured. We make sure things are were they need to be for an amazing overall mix. This is where overdubs, edits, timing fixes, eq’s, compression, gating, and overall mixing is done.

Price: $60 per hour with 3 revisions allowed for unattended mixing after that hourly billing will be initiated.

Session Musicians

At Echo Block Recording Studio there is a wide range of session musicians who are all masters of their craft ranging from Acoustic Guitarists, Electric Guitarists, Lap Steel Players, Bass Guitarists, Piano Players, Drummers, Violin Players, Chelo Players, and Singers. They are present on some of the songs that you hear on our website currently. Each talent for hire charges differently for their service please contact us for a quote.

Beats & Instrumentals

Depending on the project  I can make a custom track or you can choose from pre made beats and instrumentals.